Frequently asked questions


Why should I become a member of Nautical ID?

Simply put Nautical ID is an effective and inexpensive solution to help ensure your boat is safe and not in danger. 69% of boats that sink do so when they are either moored or docked and many of the reasons why are avoidable if they are dealt with early.

By becoming a member of Nautical ID you allow people to prewarn you of any issues with your boat allowing you to leave it knowing that anything that happens to it whilst you are away from it can now be sent direct to your phone.

Who should become a member of Nautical ID?

Anyone who owns a boat who worries about it when its left alone can use Nautical ID to sooth some on the anxiety that naturally sets in. Nautical ID can essentially act as another set of eyes when you aren’t there, in a simple and inexpensive manner.

Marina Operators and boat management companies can also benefit from the added protection to their clients, and can add themselves to the boats information page so they can also be alerted to any danger one of their clients boats may be facing.

Why is it important?

It’s a fact of boat ownership that things do go wrong. Its also a fact that smaller problems can also become large ones in a short amount of time and 69% of boats that are loss do so whilst moored or docked. Many of these could have been avoided had the owner been alerted, though with no official register and GDPR stopping owners information and details being shared, if someone had seen the problem, in most cases, it would have been incredibly difficult for them to alert the owner to allow them to remedy the problem.

What does Nautical ID do?

Nautical ID is a simple solution that means anyone can get in touch with a boatowner. By scanning the QR Code with any smartphone someone is now able to then SMS and email the owner about the issue. Nautical ID essentially acts as the link between boat and owner that doesn’t currently exist.

How does it work?

When you become a member of Nautical ID we will send you two Nautical ID plates and a pennant to fix to your boat or mooring. The first time you scan them you’ll be directed to our website where you set up your account and boat information page. Once done you will be ready to go. The next time your Nautical ID plate is scanned the person will automatically be directed to your contact page where the person trying to get in touch can write you a message and you’ll receive a notification via SMS and email, informing you as to what the problem is.

Can I remain anonymous?

This is entirely up to you. On your information page you can give whatever details you wish. If you do choose to remain anonymous both your email and phone number will stay private but you will still be contactable via our platform.

What if nobody sees it?

Obviously if nobody sees it then they won’t be able to alert you to the problems. However, more importantly, and as is the case at the moment, what if they do see it and have no way of letting you know what the issue with your boat is.

How could a marina use Nautical ID?

Nautical ID can help marinas in looking after the bats they manage. We can set up marina micro sites for our partnering marinas that list the boats. We would foresee Marinas adding the Nautical ID service onto their monthly or annual fees meaning a small increase that could potentially offer greater security. Marinas can then set it up so they receive the notifications of a boat in trouble allowing them to deal with the problem on behalf of their client.

It also offers the opportunity for extra revenue as you can advertise moorings via the plates, provide local information, ask clients to provide specific information when setting up their page. The service would be offered to marinas at a discount allowing them to pass costs on to their clients and as such also offers extra revenue to the marina, and should, as we would hope, the boat not have any issues require no remedial action from the marina.

What does it cost?

Nautical ID costs £89 Per annum

What if someone sees the boat in trouble but isn’t a Nautical ID member?

Anyone who walks past your boat and notices it in danger can get in touch with you, they don’t need to be a member. All they need is a smart phone and they can scan the QR code and from there send you a message via our platform to alert you to what the issue is.

What problems can Nautical ID help with?

Anyone who owns a boat know the list of things that can go wrong when they are away are endless. Some are remarkably simple to resolve, others less so. Some examples of where Nautical ID has been useful in the past are where a boat has slipped its moorings, snapped a line, a hatch has been left open in heavy rain, another boat has hit a boat when coming into dock and been able to let the owner know, a lost tender, a popped fender, navigation lights left on, loose covers, equipment left on the dock, high winds loosening covers or damaging awnings, superficial damage to the hull, boats taking on water, power lines being disconnected and a broken cleat. All of these are issues that can be expensive to deal with in their own right or if left, and not attended to, can lead to much greater damage, cost or even boat loss. Nautical ID provides a simple solution to let the owner know about such issues.

Aren’t there solutions out there that already do this?

Yes, but they are far more complicated, reliant upon technology and more expensive. Many of the systems on offer in the market provide sensors and tracking for your boat, but you need to pay for this. These systems also require power and often satellite signal to work. Nautical ID does not. The systems means that as long as the plate is attached within view of any concerned parties and your phone is charged you will receive the message alerting you to the danger. Nautical ID offers a simple, no thrills and economical way of providing your boat with the extra security all boatowners strive for, reducing the anxiety and cost that comes with owning a boat, for not much more than the price of a cup of coffee every month.